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Innovate Invision enables local authorities to ensure children and young people receive high quality EHCPs, by providing more consistency and objectivity to the quality assurance process. Specific audit criteria, step-by-step guidance, providing examples of ‘what good looks like’ and automated data analysis make it an essential tool for local areas.

introducing innovate invision

The UK’s first online EHCP QA tool

For local authorities looking for a vastly more reliable solution to Educational Health and Care Plan quality assurance and auditing, Innovate Invision is the smart choice.

Our simple to use, online process

Invision provides auditors with a simple online step-by-step process that includes: checklist criteria, examples of 'what good looks like’ for each section and an easy to navigate system that increases objectivity and consistency.

A clear overview of your progress

A clear and ‘live’ view of the quality of EHCPs audited. An overview of all audits in progress and those to be completed. Data of the distribution of audit ‘gradings’ across your local area.

Promoting best practice through insight and data

Automated and bespoke reports allow the user to isolate particular sections for performance bench-marking, trend analysis, to identify areas for improvement and to evidence local area improvement cycles.

Discover a smart way to audit EHCPs

Gain far greater clarity on the quality of EHCPs in your area. With Innovate Invision you can be confident what a ‘good’ or better EHCP really looks like.

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“The first time I used Invision EHCP, I was incredibly impressed. It has removed individual subjectivity from the quality assurance process, with every instruction enabling accurate benchmarking to give us an unbiased ‘view’ of EHCP planning.”

Kashif Nawaz, Head of Children’s Support Services
Bracknell Forest Council

of EHCPs in one LA audited as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ for cohort of C/YP identified as ‘Child in Need (CIN)’


One LA has so far quality assured 169 audits using Invision following 3 audit cycles


of EHCPs in one LA audited as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ for cohort of C/YP with primary need of ASD

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